GNGB Rules

Chat rooms and groups

We treat each other with sensitivity to discrimination and with respect. If we kindly point out difficulties to one another, we can all benefit.

We ask that you treat each other with respect.

The administrators reserve the right to delete offensive or discriminatory statements. Such decisions are made transparent and justified.

In extreme cases, members can be excluded.

Discriminatory statements are those that assume or deny people abilities based on group membership, that degrade or other people (declare them “others”) and that therefore exclude individual consideration.

Even if we try to give each other tips and advice, unfortunately personal, qualified advice cannot take place here. We cannot provide professional legal advisors or advisors for psychosocial issues in the group.

Before we share anything, let’s pay attention to the following:

  • How long has the account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of the person whose post we want to share been around? Very few followers, hardly any postings and a very new profile should arouse skepticism.
  • Are the postings consistent in terms of time and content?
  • Does the account have a blue verification check mark?
    Is it an online magazine? To find out, simply go to the imprint or check whether an imprint even exists. Without an imprint there is no information about the author, so we regard it as dubious.
  • Please only share social media posts if there is a reference to the source.
  • There are cases where hoaxes appear in the designs of well-known media brands.
    A look at the web address in the browser line helps here. The URL often differs from the original by an addition such as a hyphen or an ending such as “.net”.
  • Basically, we should look at the date of a story and type the headline into a search engine. Are other media also reporting on this case? Are there multiple sources? No? Then please look at it critically.

Please feel comfortable with us, we look forward to your input.

Global New Generation Berlin