Global New Generation

Global New Generation is a recognized provider of independent child and youth welfare in Berlin and works in transcultural child and youth education.
The provider offers regular, low-threshold activities, excursions, holiday activities and holiday offers for families from marginalized groups.
The provider works preventatively and cooperates with the Friedrichshain Youth Welfare Office and the prevention officer from police section 51.
The sponsor is financed through project financing, donations, member contributions and services.

Mission statement

Every person is unique and valuable.

Our concern is the recognition of all people as full members of our society.

The well-being and future of the rising generations depends largely on the survival of our planet. We are responsible and act sustainably.

What we do

In our offerings, we strengthen participants’ self-confidence and give them the opportunity to learn all the tools they need to live well in a global world of change. You learn to understand global contexts, question your own perspective and take responsibility for yourself and your environment.

Professionals and families with diverse backgrounds work together in a ‘Brave Space’, a courageous, discrimination-sensitive space.

In order to meet the needs of the target groups, our team undergoes regular training and we offer topic-relevant information events for people with an educational mission.


Ade go see my old mama, Winterferienworkshop 17

Our network is represented worldwide and we hold (video) conferences with cooperating schools in joint projects. We create sponsorships and exchange trips. Our working materials are always printed/accessible in several languages, and smaller local language groups also have their place.

Global Learning

GNG Buddeltag

Global learning is a value-oriented, pedagogical concept of political education.

It deals with the interactions of global connections and imparts skills for shaping a sustainable and just global society.


Bei Hertha im Olympiastadium

Through exercise we learn to correctly assess our physical strength, to follow rules and to be considerate of our comrades. We must coordinate our movements and actions to form a good team.

Sport is also a good outlet for releasing pent-up anger and putting you in a good mood – just ten minutes of exercise a day can improve your mood.


Wir bauen die Moschée von Djenne

Creativity creates worlds.

Creativity is vital. We all need them to independently develop solution strategies in all situations in our lives. Creativity is also crucial for naming and achieving our goals, i.e. for leading a successful and satisfied life.


Global New Generation Berlin e.V. was founded in January 2008 as a parents’ initiative and registered as a non-profit association in the Charlottenburg register of associations in 2009.

In 2023, the Berlin Senate Administration recognized the association as a provider of independent child and youth welfare.

Global New Generation Berlin