Think global, act local

The goal is the sustainable improvement of our quality of life on a global scale. It concerns us all, it is indeed our obligation to our successors.

We finance our work from project financing, membership fees and donations. That’s why we need your support.

Donate money

Of course we are happy about money donations receipts are no problem. You can support certain projects, or just our office. To do this, you can simply use the “Donate” button, which is linked to the club’s PayPal account, or you can use the club’s bank details. In the purpose of the transfer you can specify what the money should be spent on.

  • Global New Generation Berlin e.V.
    Triodos Bank
    DE40 5003 1000 1075 1720 08 

Donation in kind

We collect for the needy in our network worldwide:

  • Baby and kids clothes
  • school equipment
  • Basic medical services
  • Football boots, balls, jerseys

Donation of time

We offer you opportunities to become active in all countries of our network, to make your life meaningful.

We Do need your help on many levels: intercultural child and youth work, theater, music, film, sports, PR, fundraising, organization, accompaniment of authorities, agriculture ….

In a joint conversation, we find out where you feel comfortable and would like to help. Just contact us

  1. Voluntary commitment: Free working hours, also home office possible…..
    You can find our current requirements for voluntary work at Vostel
  2. Internship: We offer internships for pupils and students
  3. Federal Voluntary Service: If you are over 26 years old and live in Germany, you can take a year off, for example to take a reorientation. During this year you work with us 24 hours a week, participate in further education and get a small pocket money.
If you would like to donate and receive further information, simply contact us or use the “Donate” button:

Global New Generation Berlin