GNGB Rules

Child protection

All associations under the umbrella of Our Network e.V. are associations whose primary goal is to create conditions that guarantee the undisturbed development of children, young people and adult project participants/members. Everyone is equally important and has the same rights – regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, disability, religion and belief, age and/or sexual identity. Racism, discrimination and violence of any kind as well as weapons and drugs are not tolerated and tolerated.

General rules of conduct within the activities of the association, as well as at or outside of association events

The basic principle for the general rules of conduct is respectful and attentive interaction with one another. This also includes the use of social media and networks outside of club events.

  • Exposures and expressions of disdain up to defamation in internet forums and chats are to be avoided.
  • Photography in bathrooms and bedrooms is prohibited.
  • Marketing, sharing or uploading of media files is only permitted after approval by the project management. This also includes suggestive, misleading or inappropriate photos of project participants outside the activities of the association.
    badmouthing or teasing of other participants is to be refrained from.
  • The wearing of inappropriate or revealing clothing is to be refrained from
  • Project managers will only distribute information via agreed communication channels.

Club events / club trips

  • If possible, two adults are present at events of the association.
  • Boys and girls will be accommodated separately on club trips.
  • Sleeping and resting times are taken care of by the responsible persons on club trips.
  • Parents and children will be informed before the start of the trip about the accommodation possibilities and rules of conduct

Use of drugs and alcohol

  • The consumption of any drugs, illegal substances and material is strictly prohibited during the activities of the association.
  • Alcoholic beverages are reserved exclusively for adults.
  • The abuse of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.

Violations must be reported to the team members. Alcoholised or intoxicated children and adolescents must be reported to the team members.

Activities of the association

  • The projects will be carried out in pairs if possible.
  • Tasks and assistance are explained in advance.

Child protection rules for adults, project leaders and other responsible persons

We are for sexual self-determination: All actions of a sexual nature are prohibited. Each of these acts is considered a sexual act and may lead to criminal responsibility and/or other consequences. The team members are to be informed about accidental touches in the chest, bottom and genital area of the children and adolescents.

  • “No” means “No”
    We accept when a child
    rejects a touch
    annoyed at a situation
    declines assistance. The important thing is: We accept without questioning, without exposing ourselves, without irony, we do not exert any further pressure.
  • Persons who have been convicted according to §§ 74 ff. StGb (criminal offences against sexual self-determination), or who are under investigation for these criminal offences, will not be hired.
  • All those who wish to work in positions of responsibility must present an original of the extended certificate of good conduct.
  • Contacts: Existing and emerging private contacts with children and adolescents who visit the projects or contacts with parents must be made transparent to the contact person(s). The same applies to actions that go beyond the named cooperation / activity.
  • Obligation of secrecy: Personal information and data may not be passed on to outsiders.
  • Conflicts are resolved in non-violent communication and at eye level. Violence and the threat of it are undesirable.
  • Persons who are temporarily involved in the projects receive an overview of all areas and work together under the guidance of their contact person (mentor).
  • The person (honorary employee, MAE employee, technical assistant, trainee, volunteer, user, bufti) with temporary work is obliged to maintain contact with the team and to participate in the team meetings with a regularity determined by the team.

Child protection rules for children and young people

All children and young people learn these 7 rules during their regular participation in the activities of the association:

  • What is important for me
  • My body belongs to me
  • There are good, bad and funny touches
  • My feeling is right.
  • I am allowed to say NO.
  • There are good secrets and bad secrets.
  • I am allowed to get help.
  • I am not to blame for what happens to me.

They are also trained to recognise, name and defend themselves against discrimination.

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