We create a safe environment in which all children are unique and special.
In wich families and educators of all backgrounds work together cross-generational on the competencies of our children and young people and their environment.
We strengthen their self-confidence, giving them the opportunity, in our workshops, to learn all the tools they need to live well in a global world of change.

Promoting multilingualism
For this we maintain international contacts, our network is represented worldwide, in joint projects we conduct Skype conferences with cooperating schools. We create sponsorships and exchange trips. Our working materials are always printed / accessible in several languages, even smaller local language groups have a place.

Ade go see my old mama, Winterferienworkshop 17

Global learning
There is no universal definition of Global Learning. It is a value-oriented, pedagogical concept of political education. It addresses the interactions of global contexts, provides skills for the design of a sustainable and just world society.
Methods and content of human rights education, education for sustainable development, anti-racist education, development education and democracy education bring together global learning.
Important elements according to the Beutelsbach Consensus (Glossary, p.43) are:

  • change of perspective
  • Establishing connections between colonial history and the present
  • Recognize and refute clichés stereotypes as well
  • Breaking up Eurocentric worldviews and ways of thinking

GNG Buddeltag

Through exercise, children learn to correctly assess their physical strength.
In sports, children learn to abide by rules and take care of their comrades. They need to align movements and actions to make a good team. Furthermore, sport is a good outlet for reducing pent-up anger and ensuring a good mood – just ten minutes of exercise per day lift the mood. Mood and Well-Beeing improve proportionally to the extent of movement, because thereby the body’s own messenger substances, so-called neurotransmitters, released. For example, serotonin makes you happy and reduces anxiety.

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Creativity is vital, we all need it to independently develop solution strategies in all situations of our lives. We also need them to set goals and achieve them, so to lead a successful and satisfying life. Creativity creates worlds.
Art, music and literature in an intercultural ambience are the cornerstones of our work. They serve as a mouthpiece with which our participants learn to formulate their needs, hopes, dreams and goals in a respectful and creative way and to share them with their environment. You have the opportunity to develop freely and in a safe environment. Art, music and literature are also the mouthpiece of our educators. They use it to strenghen the participants personalities. They use it to encourage them to learn.

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