We, the association Global New Generation Berlin e.V. active in the transcultural education of children and young people, are looking for land on lease in order to be able to implement nature-oriented offers.
On optimally 1 hectare of land, a place of learning is to be created, which will enable our city children and their families to have access to nature and to recover from everyday life. It would be particularly meaningful to cooperate with local institutions in order to exchange ideas, offer joint activities and become an enrichment for our environment.
We want to cultivate a garden together. By setting up approx. 5 construction vehicles/containers we want to be equipped on site so that we can carry out different projects. There should be day trips for the children together with a nature educational accompaniment, as well as for example a youth exchange over 10 days, in which the young people make a short film.
There should be a bathing lake nearby.
The place needs a drinking water supply, also electricity would be advantageous.
In order to guarantee barrier-free access to the offers, the connection to public transport is inevitable, about 30 minutes walk to the station and about 1 hour to Berlin.

Any ideas, please feel free to contact us office@gngberlin.de

+49 (0) 176 23 47 04 17

Thank you

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Global New Generation Berlin
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