Children and youth musical workshop “Ghana“, in Berlin

  • Rehearsals: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 2 pm in the Upsala

Children and youth musical workshop “Cameroon“, in Potsdam

  • Rehearsals: Every third Saturday of the month from 3 pm in the Familienzentrum Bisamkiez
    Bisamkiez 26, 14478 Potsdam

Karneval der Kulturen 17

Each year, the children, parents and educators from the previous musical workshop choose an African country and, more recently, a Sustainable Development Goal. (SDG)
Then the GNG team looks for cooperation partners, speakers and artists for the chosen country.
The team develops a colouring book with information about the country and a child-friendly roll-up to the chosen SDG.

Unsere Produktwerkstatt

The group researches together and creates a screenplay:

  • Speakers visit them, family members and students become interviewees. The children thus have a natural relationship with oral history as an important source.

Afrika Tage und Africa Youth Day

  • They use modern media and learn to use them as tools, e.g. as a Youtube research for dance steps or a video chat with children living in the chosen country.

Ade go see my old mama, Winterferienworkshop 17

  • They get to know nearby offers, do research trips to themed festivals, to the library, the museum and much more.

  • The group evaluates the collected information and creates the story and the script out of it.

Supported by the artists, the children design the costumes, the music and the choreographies.

During the season, the play is performed at public festivals, in schools and recreational facilities in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Karneval der Kulturen 17

The children can now their lyrics and songs very well and visit the recording studio to set the musical as a radio drama.

Kids im Studio

In crafting and painting offers that spread over the entire project period, the participants create figures and decorations for their animated film.

Africa Youth Day

The workshop will conclude with a big party and the handing over of a colouring book, CD, DVD and other memories.

Each musical can be revived by another group. Screenplay, coloring book, radio play and film can be used on request as working material.

Ade go see my old mama, Winterferienworkshop 17

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