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Global New Generation Berlin e.V. was launched in January 2008  as a parent initiative and registered in 2009 as a non-profit association in the register of associations Charlottenburg/Berlin.

As parents of multi-ethnic children, we are confronted with racist-motivated prejudices and attacks in everyday life.

Many of our children are Germans – they were born in Germany, they grow up here, visit the school here. Here are their friends, grandparents – in short: Germany is their home.

Nevertheless, they are all regularly asked where they come from, how long they plan to stay in Germany, where they’ve learned the language from.

Each of these children already makes their first experiences with racism in kindergarten. Female painters who are more susceptible to find vermin in their hair , children who do not play with them because they are “brown like a kacka” are just a few examples. They are a minority, they always catch the eye and are often the “bad boy” for all the nonsense that other kids do.

The n-word in the worst versions, often with attacks of physical and / or psychic violence on themselves or their parents, they know at the latest in adolescence.
Unfortunately, their search for justice is rarely supported by the German justice system, they often experience incomprehension and aversion, here too they are a minority.

Disadvantage in the search for work and accommodation in adulthood are also part of their everyday lives.

And again and again, like all other parents on earth, this one question arises: how can I protect my children? How can we empower the growing generation so that they can be ALL, wholesome, healthy members of our society.

The well-being and the future of our children depend crucially on the survival of our planet. For that, we need to be able to understand global relationships. We need the ability to question right and wrong. Our eyes have to be trained to see from different perspectives.

Sustainably, the soil on which our children grow must be strengthened.

And that is the purpose of the existence of our association.

Global New Generation Berlin
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