“A good school can only succeed if its children, parents and educators shape it together.” (Reform teacher Peter Petersen (1884-1952))

We see that as well, that is why our association, which originated from a parents’ initiative, has set itself the task of supporting the educators in their work and in the interest of the new generation entrusted to us.

For Educators

We provide speakers on Global Learning, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)), sensitization and empowerment

For pupils:

We were very happy to read the new curriculum 17/18 for Berlin / Brandenburg because it responds to the various global requirements of our society. The children will now also be able to develop skills at school that will secure their own future on planet Earth in the long term.

In Part B “Interdisciplinary Competence Development” of the framework curriculum, the following topics, which we find very important and have supported for many years within our capabilities, are promoted. We also have offers for educational institutions in our program:

  • Language and media education
  • Sustainable development / learning in global contexts
  • Intercultural Education
  • Education for Diversity Acceptance (Diversity)

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